Who we are

Tour Around is a travel design agency and Ms. Rossana Faggian is our travel designer: she is the one who chooses itineraries, services and structures that she tailors in original travel proposals. Rossana suggests the travel program which better suits you and, if it doesn’t exist, she creates it for you.

Every itinerary is the result of a continuous research and is tested by us before becoming a TourAround travel. For every destination we choose expert and passionate local operators, because they will be those who will make you discover their land.

The technical assistance is provided by the historical travel agency Agenzia Viaggi Rallo in Venezia-Mestre: we respect the law and you are guaranteed as a consumer and as a tourist.

Why you should choose us

Choose the essence of a TourAround travel if you share with us too:

  • the curiosity for cultures and traditions
  • the attraction for the less widely-known paths
  • the desire of moving with sweetness
  • the love for nature and its wonders
  • the respect of the sites and people
  • the pleasure to meet the natives
  • the emotion of doing unique experiences

Our style

We like travelling less widely-known streets, entering the soul of the places with local guides alternating, where it is possible, the bus and off-road vehicles transfers with easy walking and cycling tours. This is the way we love exploring the world: looking for unusual viewpoints to observe it from a personal perspective, listening to your needs and adjusting our route to your interests and capacities.

Going to the local market with Marrakesh’s women, cycling along the Greek coast with the breeze in the face, having lunch in a country pub to listen to the local old men’s stories, drinking a glass of wine with Extremadura’s farmers, tasting the Armenian bread just baked by the town’s women, sharing an improvised ball with the partying countrymen.

This is our style: visiting countries and cities with local guides, being in contact with nature, meeting the natives, living real experiences, grasping atmospheres and sensations which make the trip a moment of pleasure and knowledge. This is for us the very essence of the trip, beyond the commonplaces.

Our Values

It may seem rhetorical, but we are really convinced that travelling helps people to know each other and to get closer. We believe it can inwardly enrich both the parts, the traveller and the host. This happens if beyond visiting the territory, the natural environment and the historical-artistic heritage. People can get in contact with the natives, their culture and traditions. For all of this in our trips what you visit is important, but the experiences you live in contact with nature and people are those who make the difference.

Our programs often consider some excursions in natural areas and short walking and cycling tours. Traditions, wine and food, art and handicraft are expressions of our territory, so we always include some moments in which it is possible to meet the natives, do some activities with them and taste the products of their land and their hands.

We believe that sustainable tourism is an important resource for local communities. The respect for people and environment is fundamental for us, so when it is possible we choose local suppliers, small independent organizations, means of transport and accommodation facilities which have a low environmental impact. We choose suppliers who meet this travel philosophy and our values.

Our history

TourAround is born from one of Rossana Faggian‘s ideas; in 2015 she starts her activity as a tour organizer making the most of her passion for trips and her long experience with important tour operators and travel agencies. Rossana is not only a tourism professional: she is a sensitive and tireless traveller, always searching new routes and new experience to submit to her clients.

Trips have been part of Rossana’s life since she was a child. Born in Argentina, where her family had sought its fortune, Rossana goes back to Italy when she is still a child and grows with her parents’ and grandparents’ stories on South America’s wonders. As an adolescent, coursing the technical institute for tourism is a natural choice. Short after the high-school diploma, she enters the job starting to work for Gastaldi Tours (then Kuoni Gastaldi), up until becoming the responsible of the group office. These are years of hard work and long journeys to Australia, United States, South America, South Africa, Asia.

When this experience comes to an end, in 2002 Rossana enters the team of Agenzia Viaggi Sbrojavacca, historical travel agency in Treviso, where she devotes herself to the organization of meetings and incentive journeys of high design – top services, visits, gala dinners, activities of every kind – all over the world. Moreover, she organizes cultural journeys to Europe and Italy and gets involved in receptive tourism. This experience brings her to reflect on the sense of travelling and on our historical and artistic heritage.

At a certain point, the desire of organizing journeys with a new approach, which corresponds to her concept of travel, becomes stronger. In 2015 Rossana decides to set up her own business and to use her passion, sensitivity and experience to create travel proposals which suit her values and style.