Insurance and Technical Data Sheet

TourAround entrusts the technical organization of its travels to the Viaggi Rallo travel agency, thus the terms and conditions of the Viaggi Rallo travel agency will apply, unless otherwise specified.

Insurance and Technical Data Sheet

TourAround entrusts the technical organization of its travels to the Viaggi Rallo travel agency, thus the terms and conditions of the Viaggi Rallo travel agency will apply, unless otherwise specified.

Travel Insurance offered by Agenzia Viaggi Rallo in partnership with Allianz Global Assistance has agreed for all Customers a specific travel insurance policy with particularly interesting contract terms. The policy is filed at the headquarters of the Agenzia Viaggi Rallo. Contemplated guarantees include “Interassistance 24 hours a day” and “Baggage” its terms and conditions are also contained in full in the Insurance Certificate which will be delivered, together with the other travel documents before departure. When booking, it is recommended that participants read the policy conditions set out in full in this catalog. Before departure, you must check that you have the Insurance Certificate to take along on the trip. Download the form travel insurance.

Technical data sheet, former Art. 03 – Integrating the General Conditions of Participation, This technical data sheet is valid for all travel plans published on brochures and on the website TourAround and Agenzia Viaggi Rallo, and is valid until 31/12/2015 and for any programs and packages published additionally or a specific customized request.

Technical organization Rallo Agenzia Viaggi Ltd. – License: cat. A Unlimited License No. 13969 Warranty Insurance Professional Liability for Travel Agents Allianz – Insurance number 198652 With integration according to catastrophic risk with Unipol 104,271,508 up to € 31,500,000.00 Exchange rate with the US dollar Please note that our programs are based on the exchange rate 1 USD = 0.78 Eur. Any other currencies shall be defined in the specification of individual programs.

Airport taxes, security surcharge (extra security) and any fuel surcharges (fuel supplement) are never included and will vary depending on the itinerary are made and communicated during the booking and reconfirming at the time of issuance of the travel document.

Transport Flights ITC – In the case of journeys with flights ITC we inform you that as far as the transport is concerned, the name of the carrier is specified in the operating or programs in the catalog and will repeated in the booking confirmation sheet and/or travel documents; Any changes will be communicated forthwith, in accordance with Regulation 2111/2005.

Payments – The Customer is required to pay a deposit of 25% of the price of the package at the time of booking or binding request, as according to art. 5 of the General Conditions of Participation, the balance of the booked package must be paid

at least thirty days prior to departure, unless otherwise specified and agreed to with the service providers (e.g. Hotels, on-site services, issuing advance airline ticket); in which case the new conditions will be communicated when booking.

Changes – Any changes requested by the Customer after the confirmation of the services included in the package will have a charge of € 80 to the Customer, as well as any related expenses.

Substitutions – The change of the name of the withdrawing Customer with that of a substitute may not be accepted by a third party service provider, even if made within the period provided for in Article 10, paragraph a, of the conditions of General Terms noted in the margins. The organizer will not be responsible for any rejection of the amendment by the third party service providers. The Organizer will promptly notify the parties concerned of any failure of acceptance of substitution before departure.

Cancellation penalties of the tour package – The Customer who withdraws from the contract prior to departure, except for the cases listed in the first paragraph of Article 8 and regardless of the payment provided for in Article. 5/1 second paragraph and unless otherwise specified in specific departures and/or in phase of confirmation of the services, will be charged as a penalty a percentage of the price, depending on the number of remaining days before the starting date of the trip, and excluding from the calculation, the day of departure and the day given for the cancellation: – Up to 30 days: 10%; – 29 to 20 days: 30%; – 19 to 10 days: 50%; – From 9 to 3 days: 75%; – 0.1 and 2 days: 100%.

There will be no refunds after that date or in the case of an interruption of a journey already begun. The cost for operating expenses and insurance coverage, any visas already obtained and non-refundable airport fees are born by the Customer. Please note that some services may incur penalties other than those mentioned above. In these cases, the Customer will be promptly notified of the new conditions.

Insurance coverage – If not included in the registration fee, it is advisable to take out, at the time of booking, an insurance policy to cover the expenses arising from a possible cancellation of the trip. The amount of coverage varies and is calculated as a percentage of the value of the trip.

Individual fee for operating costs – This additional fee requested of the Customer is in addition to the price of the package and is used to cover the cost of the practical handling of each case, which include the costs of the operational activities (various correspondence, telephone, fax, sending / shipping documents travel, administration, etc.).

Excursions and optional services purchased locally – Excursions and services purchased by the Customer on the spot and not included in the price of the package, although may be shown and described in this brochure, are extraneous to the object of the contract entered into by TourAround and Agenzia Viaggi Rallo in the role of Organizers. Therefore, no responsibility can be ascribed to TourAround and Agenzia Viaggi Rallo, as Organizers of these services, even in the event that people of our staff, carers or local correspondents deal in the reservation or sale of such excursions.

Official information of a general nature on foreign countries – including those related to the health and security situation and documents required for Italian citizens to access these services – are provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the site or the helpline telephone number 06 491115 and are therefore may be publically consulted. Because the data are subject to changes and updates, the Customer shall take action – by consulting these sources – to apprise themself of the of the official information before purchasing the travel package.