BIke tour: “Our Collealto”. Discovering the castles of Collalto di Susegana

Exclusively for TourAround and Astarte. “We travelled here from distant lands with our horses, we crossed paths, woods …… …… forded rivers. That morning we looked up and in the light of the morning we saw a hill …. it would be our Highhill (Collealto) … ” Discovering the gems of the Treviso province: the San Salvatore Castle and the Castle of Collalto


Urban trekking: Vittorio Veneto

An urban route travelled at a fast pace, enriched by the evocations of historical events and mysterious aspects, narrated in front of the sites  and monuments.
A unique, evocative and a very special urban trekking.
Only with TourAround and Astarte.

Literaty walk in Venice

Venice: history, art and literature: a journey through the eyes and words of great writers and travelers, from Marco Polo to Thomas Mann, from Henry James to Goldoni, which will visit the birthplace.

On the Armenian tracks in Venice

The historical presence of the Armenian culture in Venice is secular and for this reason it intrigues us. Let’s discover the three most important sites of the Armenian memory in Venice.

Bike tour: the Castrum: Vittorio Veneto and Serravalle

A PATH … MANY CITIES ‘: the route tells the city from the inside, especially the presence of more cities joined together in time, but still distinct …. Straight in the heart of the city where even today, the religious soul with its churches and monasteries comes to us and gives himself.

Bike tour: paths on the hills of Asolo

Asolo, Villa Barbaro at Maser, and the roundness of the hills with beautiful views over the Val Cavasia and Monte Grappa. An easy path reachs Asolo, “the city of a thousand horizons”

The Prosecco wine route

The gently countryside of the Prosecco white wine route, amongs Abbeys and winyards. Follina, with the famous Cistercian Abbey of St. Mary a secret place built around XII century by monks.

“My soul is in Trieste”

“My soul is in Trieste” James Joyce (Letter to Nora october 27th 1909)
A unique city where three different European cultures converge. An elegant and comfortable city of open minds and wide horizons.

Enchanted Sicily

18th century Bagli, olive tree groves as far as the eye can see, paths along the Zingaro Reservation. And also Temples and Theatres of the Magna Greece, squares, fountains and balconies. Mazara del Vallo, one of the main Italian fishing ports.