Bike tour: the Castrum: Vittorio Veneto and Serravalle

A PATH … MANY CITIES ‘: the route tells the city from the inside, especially the presence of more cities joined together in time, but still distinct …. Straight in the heart of the city where even today, the religious soul with its churches and monasteries comes to us and gives himself.


The cycling route between Vittorio Veneto and Serravalle is easy, and we star from the center of Vittorio Veneto.
Vittorio Veneto was founded in 1866 by King Vittorio Emanuele II who decides to join two villages with ancient origins: Ceneda and Serravalle.

Serravalle was one of the most important centers of the Venetian mainland. Characterized by ancient streets and squares, with venetian style buildings, this site is intact and preserves churches and buildings of great historical and artistic importance.
The center of Ceneda has ancient origins and well preserved palaces. Its important monuments is the San Martino Castle, former residence of the Bishops of Ceneda. Since 1597  lived in Ceneda a small Jewish community which became prosperous during the eighteenth century and which also gave birth to Lorenzo da Ponte, who later became the librettist of Mozart.

Level: easy

Map of the country