BIke tour: “Our Collealto”. Discovering the castles of Collalto di Susegana

Exclusively for TourAround and Astarte. “We travelled here from distant lands with our horses, we crossed paths, woods …… …… forded rivers. That morning we looked up and in the light of the morning we saw a hill …. it would be our Highhill (Collealto) … ” Discovering the gems of the Treviso province: the San Salvatore Castle and the Castle of Collalto



Exclusively for TourAround and Astarte The Collalto and San Salvatore Castles

The itinerary starts on the left side of the River Piave. The principale buildings to visit are two medieval castles that belongs to the Collalto Family (a noble family) that are situated on green and gentle hills. The centre of the power was concentrated around the Collalto Castle that dates back to the 12th C. was tranferred to the fortified castle of San Salvatore that was started in 1245. It is the most important testimony of this area.
Crossing Vineyards and woods, pastures and meadows you can catch a glimpse of the charming area. Once you reach Collaldo (walking or cycling) you can admire the remains of the ancient castle.

The San Salvatore Castle in Susegana:
On top on the San Salvatore Hills there is the castle of Conti Collato which dates back to 1245.
You can find this magnificent castle in many of Giambattista Cima paintings. This beautiful castle still belongs to the noble family who built it. It was bombed during the first WW and it was restored to its splendid state. The view from the castle overlooking the hills is amazing and the hills are also famous for their wine production of Prosecco.

Map of the country