Museo della battaglia of Vittorio Veneto, climb to the Perdonanza Stellung

The Museo della battaglia of Vittorio, with the renewed construction, shows us a very emotional journey. We climb by bike to the Perdonanza Stellung a defensive trench remained intact even today.


The Museo della Battaglia [Museum of the Battle] was founded by a Boy of ’99 [“Boys of ’99” was a term used to describe young conscripts who were born in 1899 and had fought in the First World War] called Luigi Marson from Vittorio Veneto. Enlisted in the 2nd Grenadiers, he started collecting mementoes, such as a rosary that belonged to a fallen Hungarian, found on the River Piave.

The ground floor of the Museo della Battaglia focuses on life in the trenches, the most unique aspect of the soldiers’ experience during the conflict.
A winding path, consisting of a streamlined reproduction of the design of the trenches, leads visitors to discover how soldiers spent some very long moments of their lives in these narrow spaces.

Uphill cycling (possibility to rent e-bike) to the Perdonanza Stellung.
In addition to the Museo della Battaglia, a fascinating journey into nature lead us to a military site built during the occupation: the Perdonanza Stellung, defense trenches. There are a lot of Stellung in the Grappa Massif, the line of defense of the dolomite. This term is frequently found in the military maps of the time.
The “Perdonanzestellung” trench was built by Austro-Hungarian troops in 1918, to complete the belt of fortified positions surrounding Vittorio Veneto from the west, and is part of an entire system. The restored trench is so important appendage of the Battle Museum, as an example of open-air museum site.

Map of the country